Capabilities and Expectations

Required Capabilities

Suppliers are required to adhere to the University’s purchasing requirements and must meet the following capabilities to participate in the procurement process.


  • Customer Service representation with a current business email address and phone number assigned to the Georgetown account.
  • A company website.


  • Accept and follow Georgetown’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.
  • Submit transaction-specific invoices upon accepting purchase orders.
  • Understand formal competitive bidding process and protocols.
  • Maintain business insurance that meets or exceeds Georgetown’s requirements.
  • A warehouse to stock most commonly ordered products (if applicable).
  • Effective management of next-day desktop deliveries to all Georgetown campuses and locations.
  • Maintain sustainable up-to-date technology that is compatible to the University’s procurement technology.
  • Timely processing of online orders and invoice submissions.
  • Accept credit card and ACH payments.

Required Expectations

Qualified businesses must share our commitment to deliver the highest level of client service and support, user-friendly and efficient processes, and timely delivery of quality products and services.

Procurement Services expects suppliers to provide the following:

  • Serve the highest standards of performance and responsiveness.
  • Provide the appropriate scale, capacity and reach.
  • Deliver excellent product and services.
  • Possess a unique trait or skill, known as an X-Factor, which establishes the business as a customer-focused enterprise.
  • Highly versed and educated in respective business functions.
  • Maintain lasting and sustainable products and services.