Financial Planning and Treasury Management

Financial Planning

Workday Adaptive Planning is the University’s financial planning software for budget management, forecasting, and projections. For access to or assistance with Workday Adaptive Planning, please reach out to Additional resources and job aids for Workday Adaptive Planning are available in the Forms and Resources section of this page.

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Treasury Management

Electronic funds transfer payments may occur in two forms: Fedwire and ACH (Automated Clearing House). Fedwire constitutes a real-time transfer of funds, whereas ACH transactions occur in batches, and it may take a few business days for the funds to appear in the destination account. In either case, prospective payees will need to acquire the account information for the appropriate destination account. Inquiries of this sort should be made to the Director of Treasury Management.

For other questions related to receivables or student accounts, please refer to the Revenue and Receivables Department. For questions related to student accounts, please refer to the Office of Billing and Payment Services.

Payments from the University are made using checks, ACH, and wire transfers via GMS. For more information on payments, please visit the Accounts Payable page.

To verify Georgetown’s ACH and Wire receiving bank account information, please see our verification letter.

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