Become a GU Partner

Georgetown University is continuously looking for responsible vendors to supply goods and services. If your prices are competitive, your service is reliable, and you are committed to giving back to the university, you may have the ability to become a university partner.

 Strategic Sourcing Department establishes and manages vendor partnerships and other commercial agreements in selected, strategic commodity areas to support the needs of the Georgetown community. The goals of these programs are to:

  1. Leverage the University’s buying power to reduce everyone’s prices
  2. Consolidate the vendor base and reduce transaction processing costs
  3. Provide higher levels of service and other value-added features
  4. Make purchasing of products quick, convenient, and trouble-free

For these commodities, Strategic Sourcing actively negotiates and establishes vendor partnerships through an extensive sourcing process and strongly recommends that Georgetown employees use these vendors. Vendors can participate in these strategic initiatives either directly or through relationships with prime vendors. Suppliers that are selected for Georgetown vendor partners are strongly encouraged to either partner or subcontract with small, minority owned or women-owned businesses.

Required Capabilities

Suppliers are required to adhere to the University’s purchasing requirements and must meet the following capabilities to participate in the procurement process.


  • Customer Service representation with a current business email address and phone number assigned to the Georgetown account.
  • A company website.


  • Accept and follow Georgetown’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.
  • Submit transaction-specific invoices upon accepting purchase orders.
  • Understand formal competitive bidding process and protocols.
  • Maintain business insurance that meets or exceeds Georgetown’s requirements.
  • A warehouse to stock most commonly ordered products (if applicable).
  • Effective management of next-day desktop deliveries to all Georgetown campuses and locations.
  • Maintain sustainable up-to-date technology that is compatible to the University’s procurement technology.
  • Timely processing of online orders and invoice submissions.
  • Accept credit card and ACH payments.

Required Expectations

Qualified businesses must share our commitment to deliver the highest level of client service and support, user-friendly and efficient processes, and timely delivery of quality products and services.

Procurement Services expects suppliers to provide the following:

  • Serve the highest standards of performance and responsiveness.
  • Provide the appropriate scale, capacity and reach.
  • Deliver excellent product and services.
  • Possess a unique trait or skill, known as an X-Factor, which establishes the business as a customer-focused enterprise.
  • Highly versed and educated in respective business functions.
  • Maintain lasting and sustainable products and services.

Q: How are new opportunities identified?
A: Based upon University-wide expenditure reviews, new initiatives are regularly being explored. Strategic Sourcing does not maintain a structured bid list for every commodity. Please view Current Solicitations or Contact Us for more information on the bidding process.

Q: What is the role of the Georgetown Purchaser?
A: Employees who purchase on behalf of the University are encouraged to take advantage of these vendor partnerships. Using these partnerships can lead to reduced prices and improved service for everyone. Employees are encouraged to contact Strategic Sourcing Department with any feedback or concerns involving the University’s vendor partners.

Q: What is the role of the Sourcing Manager?
A: Strategic Sourcing Manager are the liaisons between the University and its vendor partners. Sourcing Manager compare the performance of these vendors to the performance of their competitors within the University and help solve problems and disputes between vendors and University employees.

Q: Does Strategic Sourcing Department manage any other vendor relationships?
A: Yes. There are many other vendors that offer special pricing or commercial considerations to the University community. This type of relationship often applies to scientific supply vendors, who incorporate Georgetown’s specific agreements into quotations and account pricing.

Q: How can my company participate in a Georgetown vendor fair? 
A: The Strategic Sourcing Department occasionally hosts selected vendor exhibits for the Georgetown community. 

Q: Where can I find copies of tax exempt certificates?
A: Tax exempt certificates can be found on the tax departments website

Q: Who do I contact for questions on a purchase order or Invoice I received from Georgetown?
A: All questions should be directed to the person who placed the order. Or Contact the accounts payable department.