About Our Department

Revenue and Receivables is comprised of 3 distinct units: Revenue Management & Systems Team, Student Revenue & Receivables, and Customer Account Services.

Rico Marea
Senior Director of Revenue and Receivables

KJ Mburu
Senior Associate Director of Revenue and Receivables Systems

Manager of Revenue and Receivables Systems

Sulah Kim
Manager of Non-Student Receivables

The Revenue Management & Systems team centrally manages revenue contracts and systems, including payment systems and PCI compliance.

Rico Marea
Senior Director of Revenue and Receivables

Linda Hatcher
Senior Associate Director of Student Revenue and Receivables

Jerae’ Jackson
Manager of Sponsored Student Receivables

Maurice Tiadem
Manager of Inactive Student Receivables

Barry Kendrick
Manager of Non-Credit Student Accounts

Vacant Position
Manager of Active Student Receivables

The Student Revenue & Receivables team manages active, inactive and sponsored student receivables, including billing and collections for credit and non-credit students.

Rico Marea
Senior Director of Revenue and Receivables

Maynard Littlejohn
Associate Director of Revenue and Receivables Customer Account Services

Corey Wells
Manager of Customer Service

Information Specialist / Student Communications

Carolyn Gresh
Information Specialist / Check Distribution

Shakale Johnson
Information Specialist / Payment Processing

Susan Escobar
Manager of Cashiering Services

Juanita Dorsey

The Customer Account Services team manages student accounts customer service, student refunds, cashiering services and check distribution.

Collaborative Partners

Medical Center

Coordinator: Victoria Kromer-Crooke
Phone: 202-687-4769

University Service

Coordinator: Jon Hendrix
Phone: 202-687-8261

Main Campus

Coordinator: Josh Ford
Phone: 202-687-0479

Law Center

Coordinator: Cora Osborne
Phone: 202-662-9057

Law Center, Continuing Legal Education

Coordinator: Simona Rosu
Phone: 202-662-9897

Student Affairs

Coordinator: Dustin Musser
Phone: 202-687-5225

Financial Affairs

Coordinator: Richard Marea
Phone: 202-687-5161

School of Continuing Studies

Coordinator: Heather Malneritch
Phone: 202-687-1338

School of Foreign Studies, Qatar

Coordinator: Shaida Sonde
Phone: 974-445-78272

Service Center Coordinators play an integral role in ensuring Georgetown meets payment card industry standards by overseeing their various service centers. The coordinators work collaboratively with Revenue and Receivables on items such as the annual PCI audit and keeping staff trained on PCI standards.

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