New Dancker Furniture Punchout in GMS

Posted in Strategic Sourcing

To facilitate and provide high quality furniture for executive suites, classrooms and general office pieces and accessories, Georgetown University is excited to announce a new offering through our ongoing partnership with Dancker

Dancker will offer its most common Georgetown products through the punchout system on Georgetown Management System (GMS) for office managers and administrators through their Requisitioner role. The new punchout system will allow for improved transparency with new products, materials and ease of accessibility for stakeholders. All Dancker seating carries a 3, 5, or 12 year warranty depending on the parts involved. For specific questions related to warranty and the punchout, please email

To learn more about Dancker, please visit the punchout directly through the Georgetown Management System (GMS) or view Dancker’s one-pager. For details on the GU self service punchout process, please view this one-pager.