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  • Supplier Registration and Records

    To be paid by Georgetown University, vendors must register as a supplier. If you are unsure if you have an active supplier registration, please work with your Georgetown point of contact who can cons

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  • Tax Withholding

    US Citizen Payroll Withholding Employees must complete federal and state withholding elections in GMS. To make or change withholding elections in GMS, click on the 'Pay' icon, and under 'Action

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  • Collecting Sales Tax

    While the University is exempt from sales tax in certain jurisdictions, it is not exempt from collecting sales tax. GU departments making sales subject to sales tax in DC, or other states where the U

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  • Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

    Georgetown University currently has sales tax exemptions in the jurisdictions below: District of Columbia Expires 10/24/24Florida Expires 10/31/23Illinois Expires 07/01/21Kentucky IndefiniteMary

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