Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Processes

Procurement Purchases Requiring a Purchase Order

This process relates to the procurement of goods and services following the Contracts Policy and procurement and contracts process. It begins with a requisition and once approved, must be sourced to a Purchase Order. 

The purchase order must then be sent to the supplier who must ensure  that the purchases order number is included on on the related invoice, once goods and or services are delivered. 

Suppliers must email their invoices to

Capital projects invoices and payment applications must be emailed to

Small Dollar Invoices (<=$500)

This process is for the purchase of goods or service <= $500 from a single supplier, where the annual cumulative spend does not exceed $1,000. 

If spend for a supplier is expected to exceed $1,000 per year, a purchase order must be created by following the procurement process

Small dollar invoices are processed used the Small Invoice Transmittal Form (SITF). and emailed to A/P using one of the following email address (select based on your campus location)

Self Service Punchout

This is the procurement of goods through an established list of supplier catalogs. The catalog can be accessed directly in GMS. The following link provides instructions on how to complete the punchout process.

Below is a list of our current punchout suppliers available:

  • Amazon
  • CDWG
  • Dell
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Granger
  • Staples
  • VWR

Non-Procurement Expenses

These are the payments for expenses unrelated to procurement. They include but are not limited to the following expense categories:

  • Non staff expense reimbursement
  • Non employee honorarium
  • Prizes and awards
  • Non Service Stipend (USA & International)
  • Petty Cash replenishment
  • Legal Services/ Settlement
  • Membership dues
  • Event Officials
  • Library Refunds

Request for payment must be submitted using the Miscellaneous Payment Request (MPREQ) process in GMS.

Supplier Payment

Accounts Payable provides several payment options for our suppliers.


These are payments generated in house and should only be selected in the following instances. 

  • Checks requiring special handling. Such as FedEx or to be picked up for further distribution
  • Attachments or remittance advice are required to accompany the check
  • International payments

Check Viewpost

These are payments distributed by GU’s payment partner “ViewPost”. Disbursement will be one of the following formats

  • Paper Check. Viewpost prints and mails the check the next business day to the supplier.
  • E-checks or ACH Plus
  • Virtual Credit Card (generally for business entities)

International Wire Transfers

Please visit the International Wire Transfers page to learn how to pay international suppliers using wire transfers.

Additional Services

Accounts Payable provides additional services to the university community. For assistance with any of the following, please contact us.

Additional Services

  • Payment Settlement and disbursement
  • Monitoring vendor statements
  • Researching and resolving returned checks & ACH
  • Processing credit invoices
  • Maintaining permanent records of supporting documentation for payments
  • Check Voids and reissues
  • Proof of Payment
  • Providing assistance and direction to departments in settling disputes with vendors
  • Ensuring supporting documentation exists prior to authorizing the release of checks to vendors
  • Providing follow-up services on outstanding payments and resolving problems which may arise
  • Canceling and or reissuing supplier payments