University Services Financial Management

Cluster 1

Finance Officer: Mayuri Middough

Facilities, Auxiliary, Student
Housing and Real Estate

Cluster 2

Finance Officer: Nick Martin

Information Systems, General
Counsel, Investment,
HR/Benefits and Endowment

Cluster 3

Finance Officer: Katya White

Advancement, President’s Office,
Mission/Ministry, Jesuit
Community, CARA, IDEAA,
Berkley/Global and Public Health

Cluster 4

Finance Officer: Todd Holland

Public Safety, Athletics,
Public Relations and

Cluster 5

Finance Officer: Abi Cruce

Risk Management, SVP Research, Internal
Audit, Chief Operating Office, McDevitt, Office
of the Chief Financial Officer, Office of Sustainability,
Student Affairs, Center for Social Justice and
Office of Technology Commercialization, Chief Commercial Officer, Office of the Staff Ombudsperson