To apply for an ITIN number, please secure a certified copy of your passport from your Embassy. Please reach out to your Embassy as soon as possible for this document. Once your Embassy certifies your passport, retain that document and use it to file your ITIN Application concurrently with your federal tax return via Sprintax, a tax preparation service, during the tax season in the Spring.

If your Embassy notifies you that they cannot certify your passport, please contact internationalscholars@georgetown.edu  for further assistance.

For more information regarding the ITIN and taxes, please visit the OGS’s Tax Website

  • Before services are performed by non-US suppliers, the suppliers must have completed the Glacier registration process. Non-US suppliers cannot be paid if they are not registered in Glacier.
  • How do I navigate the Glacier software? See the Glacier User Guide (link forthcoming) for detailed instructions.
  • If you have a question about accessing Glacier and uploading data to the database, click the ‘Online Help’ button on the page you are viewing in your personal account, OR email support@online-tax.net for the fastest assistance. The Tax Department will not answer Glacier account-related questions.