Sole Source Justifications

Please complete the following form to request a sole source justification. If you have any questions, please contact the Sourcing Help Desk.

Contracts Policy FA-515

Section 7. Single and Sole Source Justifications
All single and sole source justifications must be approved by GPS before the goods and services are
purchased. Single and sole source justifications must include the following information:
– A specific description of the goods or services required to meet the requestors needs, and a
statement of facts that show the unique qualifications of the services or items selected to satisfy
those needs
– A description of efforts made to locate other sources of supply
– Documentation evidencing that the anticipated cost is fair and reasonable
– Any other information demonstrating how one of the above listed circumstance are met.

Section 7.1 Sole Source Justifications (for Non-Federally Funded Purchases)
For purchases over $10,000 for non-federal awards, procurement by non-competitive proposals (i.e.
receiving bids or quotes only from a sole source), may only be used in the following circumstances:

  1. The goods or services can only be purchased from this supplier or independent contractor
  2. The source offers unique knowledge, experience, or technical capabilities
  3. The source demonstrates a unique capability not otherwise available from another source; and/or
  4. Another reasonable basis for selecting the recommended source for satisfying this requirement.
    Excluding federally funded purchases (see below), an approved sole source justification is
    required, except in the following categories of purchases:
    – Catering services
    – Conference facilities
    – Periodical and database subscriptions/library resources
    – Specialized academia and research support services through independent contractor agreements
    – Specialized medical and scientific equipment
    – Honoraria, speaker and performance fees
    – Professional services provided by law firms.

7.2 Sole Source Justifications (for Federally-Funded Purchases)
For all purchases over $10,000 on federal awards, procurement by noncompetitive proposals (i.e. receiving bids or quotes from only a single source), may only be used in the following circumstances:

  1. The item is available only from a single source
  2. The public demand or emergent need for the requirement will not permit a delay resulting from
    competitive solicitation
  3. The federal awarding agency expressly authorizes noncompetitive proposals
  4. After solicitation from a number of sources, competition is deemed inadequate.
    – I am the authorized initiator for my department and have completed this form truthfully, to the best of my ability
    – I have read the sole source justification exceptions & qualifications and deem this agreement requires a sole source


(Single Source is defined as a source selected specifically by the requisitioner due to the compatibility of equipment, replacement parts, training or some other unique purpose even though other sources are available.) Examples of single source: the source was selected under a previous requisition, provides continuity of service, the prime award is under a government contract and the source is based on urgent need of the government as supported by sponsor correspondence (attach correspondence), equipment was refurbished or there is another reasonable basis for selecting the recommended source for satisfying this requirement.