Payroll for Employees

ADP IPay for Payroll

Employees may log into ADP IPay and obtain electronic copies of their 2023 W2.

  1. Register for ADP IPay by selecting “Find me” and follow the steps to create an account.
    • ADP IPay will create a new UserID for you. Please remember this user ID.
  2. Download the ADP Mobile Solutions app and login with the username and password created in step 1.
  3. Once registered as a new user you will be able to download an electronic copy of your W2 from ADP.

Having trouble getting your W-2 from the ADP web portal? First, make sure to register a for a new account (“find me”) in myADP (new window). Current employees can also access their W2 form in GMS by selecting “pay.” Former employees who are experiencing issues accessing their W2 through the myADP portal should complete this online form (new window).

Using GMS for Payroll

New Georgetown Employees should take the following steps to ensure prompt and accurate payment:

  • Functional NetID and password are necessary before continuing….
  • Navigate to GMS and log in using your NetID and password
  • Click on the ‘Getting Started at Georgetown University’ worklet 
  • Click on ‘Take Me There’; this will open the ‘Welcome Aboard’ page
  • On the left side of the ‘Welcome Aboard’ page, click the ‘View Inbox’ button to launch Onboarding

The required onboarding items to be completed are listed in the inbox, including:

  • Make your Federal (GMS) and State (GMS) Tax Withholding Elections
  • Add Payment Elections (i.e. Direct Deposit) under ‘Payment Elections’

We also suggest you…

  • Check out the payroll calendar to see upcoming pay dates and related deadlines
  • Regularly review your payslip online in GMS to ensure accuracy

Want more details? You can view the GMS Onboarding Guide for more information and step-by-step instructions

Inquiries should be directed to or to the Benefits/HR/Payroll Service Center at (202) 687-2500

Use this form for directions on how to hire and pay student workers.

Hourly employees record hours worked in GMS to ensure accurate payment.

Various training guides and job aids are available on the GMS Training Page (new window)

Hours must be entered, submitted, and approved in order to pay out.

The time entry deadlines are available on the Payroll Calendar (new window).


Status of 2023 W-2s – Complete

The Payroll Services team has completed the process to generate and distribute W-2s to employees who received wages in the 2023 tax year.

The University’s tax and print vendor, ADP, has mailed paper W-2s to active employees who did not opt-out of receiving a printed copy and to former employees.

Active employees can now access their 2023 W-2 in GMS.

Former employees will need to email a request for a copy of their 2023 W2 to payroll services.

Current Employees

Current employees of Georgetown University can access their W-2s in GMS. After logging in, click on the ‘Pay’ icon, then under ‘View’ select ‘My Tax Documents’.

Former Employees – W-2s for 2021 and 2019

Former employees of Georgetown University who need a copy of their 2020 and/or 2019 W-2 can access the document electronically through the University’s tax and print vendor (Ceridian) by following the instructions below:

Navigate to and click on “Sign Up Now”

Enter your email address and click “Send Security Code”

  • For Faculty and Staff, this will be your personal email address, provided your personal email address is on file in GMS
  • For Students, this will be your Georgetown email address

Check your email for a message from MyRecords/Ceridian, which will contain a security code. The email should arrive within 10 minutes. If you do not receive the email within this timeframe, check your spam or junk folder.

Continue to work through the steps of the registration and set-up process.

Once logged into Ceridian’s MyRecords system, the 2019 W-2 is available within My Documents. Change the year to 2019, click on W-2 in the grid and either preview or download the document.

If you experience any issues with logging in or have any questions, please contact Payroll Services at

Former Employees – 2018 and earlier W-2s

Former employees of Georgetown University who need a copy of their W-2 for tax years 2018 or earlier should submit a W-2 Request Form to Payroll Services.

Because the document contains sensitive, personal information it should not be sent via email.

Due to the University’s ongoing virtual environment, please contact to establish a secure method (e.g. Box, password-protected PDF, etc.) to send in your request form and photocopy of your ID.

Setting up Direct Deposit in GMS

Employees may elect to receive all or a portion of their payroll wages via direct deposit to one or more bank account.

The GMS Employee Quick Reference Guide (new window) includes instructions for completing the payment election process.

Employees of Georgetown University are paid on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule.  The Payroll Calendar indicates when important information is due to Payroll Services (such as timesheets) to ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time.

Payroll calendars can be found on our Calendars and Forms page.

Understanding My Payslip

US Citizen Payroll Withholding

Employees must complete federal and state withholding elections in GMS. To make or change withholding elections in GMS, click on the ‘Pay’ icon, and under ‘Action’, select ‘Withholding Elections’.

Non-US Citizen Payroll Withholding

Non-US Citizens for tax purposes are not able to update tax withholding in GMS. Please complete the Georgetown University Nonresident Alien Tax Request Form to request changes to withholding.

Change in Work Mode (State)

If your work mode changes, you may need to update your tax withholding information in GMS. This is especially critical if you move to another state. If you move states, your federal form can remain, but you will need to update your state withholding information in GMS to ensure appropriate taxation.

Payroll Forms

Federal Tax Rates

Social Security Tax

  • For 2023
    • The social security tax rate is 6.2%
    • The social security wage base limit is $160,200

Medicare Tax

  • For 2023:
    • The Medicare tax rate is 1.45%.
    • There is no wage base limit for Medicare tax.
    • An additional Medicare tax of 0.9% will be assessed of Medicare wages above $200,000.

Stop Payment/Reissue of Check

Uncashed Georgetown University paychecks older than 90 days must be reissued.  Request a resissue of a stale-dated check by completing  Reissue Stale-Dated Check Form and submitting it to

To stop payment on a paycheck issued by Georgetown University, please complete the Stop Payment/Replace Check Form and submit it to When completing the form, please indicate if a replacement check is needed.