Employees of Georgetown University with ongoing procurement and/or travel and entertainment responsibilities are eligible to apply for a ProCard once ProCard Training has been completed.

Prior to applying for a ProCard, the applicant must satisfactorily complete ProCard Training—which is scheduled on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. To register for training, please email a request to

Requests must be submitted in GMS. Please refer to the new application job aid for more details about the process.

The ProCard must be used in accordance with Georgetown University’s  ProCard Policy FA 161-07, that outlines the responsibilities for securing the card, making authorized purchases, and reporting expenses in a timely manner.  The ProCard Manual provides more detailed information regarding proper use.

ProCard users are responsible for ensuring that sales tax exemption is requested whenever available. More information and Sales Tax Exempt Documents can be found at the Tax Department’s University Tax Documents page.

ProCard Office

2121 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 400 Washington, DC 20007