Refreshment Station Purchasing


Announced on March 13, Aramark Refreshments is now the primary university vendor for office beverages, including coffee machines and water coolers. Connect with Strategic Sourcing to replace or purchase a new sustainable and cost effective coffee or water cooler solution for your office.

Instructions to Purchase

  1. Verify with your department that you do not have an existing contract for water or coffee.
    • If you have an existing water or coffee contract, work with your department head and procurement analyst to end the service. And make sure to recycle your old machine.
  2. Connect with Melissa Bowman (, Aramark, to select the item and plan of your choice.
    • See item specifications below
  3. Work with your procurement analyst to create a purchase order against this master agreement (CON-0020912) and pay the invoice for your machine.

Review the FAQ for any questions!