Purchasing Partners and Punchouts

Strategic Sourcing has established several agreements with major suppliers to streamline purchasing at Georgetown.

Punchouts: The punchout system, available in GMS (new window), allows users to seamlessly transition to external vendor websites to make purchases at pricing Georgetown has negotiated. Punchout purchases bill directly to your department’s worktags, and no credit card is needed. Users can purchase from Staples, Apple, Amazon and more through the punchout system.

Master Service Agreements (MSA): Georgetown has a list of master contracts available to users when making purchases. In order to make a purchase tied to a master service agreement please work with your finance officer to create a purchase order tied to the MSA for the vendor of your choice. An MSA can often be used for catering, gift cards, marketing, branding, event equipment and services, transportation, and more. See our highlighted partners below.

Highlighted Partners


Aramark Refreshments

Sustainable and low cost hot beverage solutions. Learn more and purchase for your office.


Staples Business Advantage

Use this convenient punchout to order office supplies and more.


Amazon for Business

Use this convenient punchout to order office supplies and more.



Use the Steelcase/Dancker punchout in GMS to purchase office furniture.

uber for business logo

Uber for Business

Coming soon!