Please note that the Tax Department does not provide personal income tax advice to students or employees.

All Form W-2 questions should be directed to Payroll Services at  payrollservices@georgetown.edu. 

All Form 1098-T questions should be directed to the Office of Billing and Payment Services at  studentaccounts@georgetown.edu

Please email suppliercare@georgetown.edu (new window) for copies of Form 1099-MISC (new window) and Form 1099-NEC. The Tax Department no longer oversees 1099-related inquiries or supplier registrations.

Private Business Use (PBU) – The Tax Department reviews all revenue generating agreements for PBU. The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR Medical Center) and the Office of Research Services (ORS Main Campus) review all sponsored grants and contracts. These offices are responsible for making sure the location, including room number, where the services are primarily performed is accurate on each award. They are also responsible for entering the PBU determination on each award. The Sponsored Research Private Business Use (PBU) Analysis should be used as a guide to make these determinations.