Expense Management FAQs

To update your expense report address:

  1. Log in to GMS and click the Personal Information icon
  2. Select change contact information and make updates

To update your US based bank account information for direct deposit:

  1. Log in to GMS and click the Pay icon
  2. Select Payment Elections
  3. Add a US bank account for direct deposit

To establish EFT via ACH with a US bank account use your Supplier ID and go to this link to complete and sign (as owner of the bank account) this form.

When completed email the form to the address indicated in section 5 of the form.

Any correspondence regarding the setting up the account should be referred to taxdepartment@georgetown.edu.

Ready to resend a paper check if lost in the mail or you have an upcoming address change?  If the address is incorrect, the payee can fill out the address change form with their supplier number SUP-#######. Visit the Tax Department’s supplier homepage and click “Address Change” for more information.

Do not update your address on the Viewpost website.

Payment can be via paper check, Electronic Funds Transfer, or Virtual Credit Card.

Contact Michael Ruputz to receive an invitation to Viewpost. The supplier then logs into Viewpost.com and signs up for Electronic Funds Transfer. The supplier will then add their banking information securely online.

If additional support is necessary contact Michael Ruputz at mr1548@georgetown.edu or e-mail support@viewpost.com

There are alternatives when you need to send less than $100 internationally. Alternatives fit on a case by case basis and must comply with policy.

Options include:

  • Combine with any additional expected payments to exceed $100
  •  Pay with Procard (if authorized)
  • Verify with supplier does not  have access to a domestic bank account that we can Electronic Fund Transfer via ACH 

This is not an extensive list of solutions, but the most common ones that should be considered.

Accounts Payable continually looks for the most efficient modern solutions to get payments to our customers.